Cooking Food as a Form of Art

Cooking Food as a form of art

Food is just not a medium to sustain us with the essential elements that our body needs, it has become an integral part of our lives. To many people it is just a part that provides them with right vitamins and other essentials they need to live but to most of us food is more than just that.

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Top 5 yummilicious Indian dishes you can order when in hurry!


Chicken tikka masala: Originally invented in Glasgow, this dish boasts of chunks of roasted marinated chicken in a spiced creamy curry. Invented to please the whims of a customer, a Pakistani Chef, Ali Ahmed added a bowl of tomato to the dry chicken curry that was sent back by the customer and it was an immediate hit! With over 48 recipes to refer to, this “British-Indian dish” is a classic.

Butter chicken: It’s a heavenly feeling when the beautiful saffron colored creamy chicken curry hits your taste buds. Butter chicken, otherwise known as Murgh Makhani,

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Online Reviews- What? Why? How?

Online Reviews

We are in an era where living a convenient life is unbelievable and of course unimaginable without relying on the Internet. Our Californian friend, Google, is now our guide to anything and everything in life. The most trending questions on Google start with “how”. This goes on to prove our immense faith in Google’s opinion.

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