Top 10 Online Food Delivery Platforms In United Kingdom!

Food Delivery Platform in UK

In today’s fast-paced World, online food delivery platforms are playing a paramount role in society. The food delivery platforms are most beneficial for people to acquire the desired food at their doorstep at anytime and anywhere. With the simple installation of online food delivery platforms, you can reap its complete benefits in your real life.

The increase in demand for food delivery has lead to the emergence of a plethora of platforms across the World. Do you know the top online food delivery platforms in the UK? Go through this article to know about food delivery platforms in the UK.

1. Deliveroo


Deliveroo is a most-liked online food platform for the people of the United Kingdom. There are huge numbers of customers available for Deliveroo. The main service of Deliveroo is to deliver the ordered foods from top restaurants in the society to their customers. Their services are available in major regions of the country such that more number of clients can benefit from the service.

2. Uber Eats

Uber Eats

You might have heard about various kinds of services offered by Uber. Food delivery platform is one such service offered by Uber that have more responses in the midst of the country. With the Uber Eats platform, you can look for the required from the attractive menus and place your order. The special features of this platform enable you to track the order location easily.

3. Eat2Save


Eat2Save is one of the leading online food orders and restaurant booking services nestled under London. They are delivering various services such as catering, table booking, and home takeaway.

Eat2Save has good relationship with the top restaurants that provide healthy and affordable foods to the community. It has acquired a good reputation among people for its quality of service and timely delivery.

The Eat2Save platform enables you to search for menus that are updated often and place the order within a few minutes. You will receive the delicious foods at your living space. The main benefit is that they don’t charge for delivering foods. The customers can enjoy the offers and deals that are created by them.

4. Foodhub

Food Hub

Foodhub food delivery system offers two kinds of service; takeaways and food from restaurants to the UK people. They have registered with famous restaurants and make deals with them to deliver the food in accordance with customer needs.

Foodhub charges an only reasonable cost for restaurants to make registration in their portal. However, they don’t receive any commission or amount for delivering foods at your doorstep. As there are many service spots at different location people from any region of the UK can reach them.

5. Just Eat

Just Eat

Just Eat is a preferable food delivery platform managed by global food Delivery Company. The main objective of Just Eat is to provide the best food delivering service and to enhance the food community throughout the World.

Just Eat have its branches in 13 countries including Asia, Europe, and North America. This portal is best for ordering takeaways as they make deliveries at high speed. In addition to this, you can avail various options for pickup and delivery from Just Eat.

6. Hungry House

Hungry House is a British based food delivery company owned by Just Eats in the year of 2017. Even Hungry House is a small food delivery company they have an alliance with over 10,000 restaurants.

So, the customers can able to get plenty of food items that are available in those restaurants easily. Their best online food delivery platforms have a good reputation among UK people for their trustworthy service. Hungry house is best for people who feel hungry often to receive the expected food at their doorstep.

7. TakeAway is a Dutch-based online food delivery company that provides takeaway service to the people. This platform is capable of connecting customers to restaurants that are located within their country. They are running the service under various names across the country.

You have to download their mobile application and enter the required information to start following their service. Then, search for the menus and place your order to buy them at your doorstep. With the integrated payment options, you can make your payments to the restaurants.

8. Feast


The feast is one of the supreme night restaurants that mainly work to meet the customers’ food need on 24*7 bases. This late-night food delivery service tends to receive the food items that are selected by you and make delivery to your place within the scheduled time.

So, UK people don’t want to be worried when they are hungry during night time. Simply, go through the menus, select the foods, look for offers, make payment and place your order. The Feast company delivery guys will reach your location at any time.

9. Quiqup


Quiqup is a London based food delivery platform that provides Quiqup dashboard to maintain the deliveries. People can make use of the application and make their orders here. They accept the orders and complete the delivery process within 30-60 minutes depending on the location.

With the help of the best features of Quiqup, you can keep track of the food location. In case of any queries regarding food delivery service, you can contact the customer support. Quiqup B2B food portal is working dedicatedly to meet the customer expectation in food deliveries.

10. Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero is an international food ordering and delivering company working in 29 countries including the UK, Sweden, Australia, Germany, China and still more. This most popular online food ordering platform has over 1, 00,000 restaurants in alliance to deliver the food service.

With the help of the mobile application, you can search for restaurants based on the location and browse the menus and place the order in the restaurants that are present within your locality.

Final Thoughts

Thus, these are the top 10 online food delivery platforms available in the United Kingdom. Hope that this information is more helpful for UK people to get rid of their hungry with the food delivered by these companies. Take Advantage Of Online Food Portals To Fulfill Your Tummy At Any Time!

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