Humans Are Veg Or Non-Veg?

Humans Are Veg Or Non-Veg

The reaction comes out of a non-vegetarian’s face when he sees that the buffet is all about vegetarian dishes, is noticeable. According to non-vegetarians, vegetarian dishes are boring. For years, non-vegetarian people have sneered at veg dishes as to them veg food lacks the variety. For many years non-vegetarians have believed that they are healthier and stronger than those who eat a vegetarian meal. On the contrary, research shows that a plant-based diet is healthier than non-veg food. Non-vegetarians suffer from heart disease more than vegetarians.

Shocking, isn’t it?

The rising concern of avoiding meat-eating, and with more and more people choosing a plant-based diet, are the direct causes of the decreasing profit margin at the non-veg restaurant. But, was man designed to eat animal flesh? By nature, humans are veg or non-veg? In this article, we are going to focus on this fact along with the differences between veg and non-veg food.

Advantages Of Vegetarian Diet

Advantages Of Vegetarian Diet

Check out the following advantages of eating veg food and gather around a veg restaurant.

Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

Being loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals, low saturated fats, etc., vegetarian diet keeps the blood pressure and cholesterol in control. The daily consumption of plant-based diet lowers the chances of heart disease and stroke.

Fewer chances to Gain Weight

Research shows vegetarians happen to be fit and leaner than those eat animal flesh. In the long run of weight maintenance, the veg food eaters score higher than the non-vegetarians.

Better digestion

A vegetarian meal is always rich in fiber which is good for easy digestion and bowel movement. On the other hand, the non-vegetarian meal is low in fiber, sometimes causing digestive distress in the person who eats meat on a regular basis.

Better Living

Vegetarian meal holds fewer chances to cause obesity, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. It promotes a better life and longevity.

Advantages Of Non-Veg Diet

Advantages of Non-Veg Diet

Following are a few advantages of having a non-veg diet.

Good source of Protein

A non-veg diet includes egg, fish, meat, milk and other dairy products. All of them are a very good source of Protein. However, in cereals, nuts, pulses, also Protein is there, but incomplete. Non-veg food remains at the top sources of Protein and energy.

Vitamin B12

Fish, meat, and egg are the abundant source of iron and B12. Iron and B12 are very important to produce red blood cells and nerve fibers. Daily intake of non-veg food decreases the chances of anemia and fatigue in our body.

Promotes Intellect And Brain Functioning

Research shows those who eat fish, egg, their intellectual development gets sharpened better than the vegetarians. Sea fish, egg, etc. promote smooth human-brain functioning.

Are Humans Carnivores?

With feeling delightful seeing a full platter of non-veg food on the table, one question comes out immediately to our mind: humans are veg or non-veg?

  • Do human look like carnivores?
  • Human teeth settings are not like the carnivores; they cannot rip the flesh out of the animal skin.
  • Human does not lick the water to drink.
  • Human is not blind at the time of birth.
  • The nails of human are not sharp.

In the body of the human, the predator intestine is simple and vegetarian intestine is long and complicated.

So, it means we are herbivores. Truly speaking, no, we are no longer herbivores.

Human is like omnivores, we can live on a plant-based diet as well as non-vegetarian diet. Therefore, there is no room for the debate on whether food you should eat veg or non-veg? If your heart tantalizing to go to the non-veg restaurant on weekends, then there is no need to suppress it. On the other hand, if you want to stay strict to your healthier plant and fruit-based diet, then you can treat your taste buds at the veg restaurant.

Eating Flesh And Human Evolution

Flesh-eating first began with our ancestors. In fact, eating meat pushed their head functioning to start. With eating meat, ancient human got the energy and high protein that helped them to grow larger than the apes and develop common sense and intellect. In order to develop a larger brain, the human body needed to save the metabolism elsewhere. Hence, the guts got shortened. As the guts became short, the human body required a better diet to absorb nutrients, and then comes the animal-based diet. Some scientists even say that from hunting the animals, human’s wish to eat their flesh came up.

Whatever it is, our modern day lifestyle is different than our ancestors. Food habits grow from people’s cultural and social background. Some people like to have tofu in lunch, as their food habit has grown around the plant-based diet. While some like to taste the juicy chicken in their dinner. So the answer to the question, humans are veg or non-veg is simple: we are both.

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