Why Do We Love To Eat? What is Good Food or Bad Food?

Why Do We Love To Eat?

Let’s face one single truth!

We all love to eat food, and eating food is essential for our survival. We eat food, we love dreaming about gourmet meals, and we spend money on online food ordering or sumptuous meals served in the restaurants. A pinch of sugar or a heart-melting brownie cannot make your body suffer. On the other hand, only living on green smoothies, fruits, or munching almonds, cannot make you a better and healthier person. Foodies love to eat food driven out their passion for tasty and good food.

But how to decide which is good or bad food? What is the perfect way to differentiate between good food and bad eating habits?

If your heart is teasing your mind to get the answer, keep reading!

Why Do We Love Food So Much?

Why Do We Love Food So Much | Eat2Save

Before we dig deeper, let’s find out the reasons for our never-ending love relationship with food.

Blame Your Taste buds

Blame Your Taste buds | Eat2Save

We may not consider taste buds as an important body part, but admit it or not, they enable us to survive. Being a sweet tooth is not your fault, it is chalked up to your DNA. According to research, published in the Physiology & Behavior, 45% of our food preferences comes from the determination of genes and around 55% of food preferences we develop over time. The number of your taste buds, when gets driven out by the combination of your genes, determine your food taste preferences.

Cultural Background

Cultural Background | Eat2Save

People have a tendency to cling on to the fondness for certain foods and dishes that directly connect them to their religion and community. Cultural and social expectations pave the way to how we feel, or how we would like to eat our food. Some community prefers eating vegetarian dishes, while some other communities of people love to eat non-veg dishes. It is the cultural background and community that shows us what is good food and what is bad.

Food Brings Relaxation

Food Brings Relaxation | Eat2Save

Research shows that for many people, cooking food, or online food ordering brings relaxation to their mind, after encountering a hectic day. For chefs of great restaurants, food is a way to express their artistry. They enjoy the preparation of a gourmet meal or creating their masterpiece dishes and presenting them to their customers. It brings relaxation and peace to their mind. While the foodies earn that relaxation and calmness by eating that food.

Eating Is A Part Of Being Social

Eating is a Part of Being Social | Eat2Save

Whether it is Christmas or Thanksgiving, without the turkey on the table accompanied by many other great dishes and desserts, the celebration is incomplete. Find a social event that doesn’t involve eating food. There is something about food that brings people close together, encouraging them to share their experience with good food. On attending a social event that does not serve food, we feel as if something we are missing out. And this feeling escalates our love for food even more.

Restaurants Serving Delicious Meals

Restaurants Serving Delicious Meals | Eat2Save

With so many restaurants popping their heads out at the corner of every street, it is, for sure, impossible to resist yourself from eating out. In fact, dining out has become a highlight in our present lifestyle. But, is it possible that a restaurant can provide good food? Well, it depends on what you choose from the menu or what kind of restaurant you select to eat your dishes. Prestigious restaurants strictly maintain the quality of their food and its ingredients to hold on to their reputation among the foodies. With the online food ordering system at Eat2Save, you can easily find reputable restaurants and takeaways to eat a delicious and healthy meal.

What Is Good Food Or Bad Food?

What is Good Food or Bad Food | Eat2Save

We eat food for necessity and pleasure. Unless we eat food with love, we will never get any nourishment from it. With the constant thinking of food being either good or bad, it takes out the pleasure from the eating, makes a dish drab and dry. Food is just food, it cannot be good or bad food. It utterly depends on how much you are eating or how you cook your food.

For instance, you enjoy licking ice-cream. But, if this enjoyment becomes your everyday habit, that would become a problem. A quality restaurant can provide good food to its customers. With the availing of online food ordering, is not an action to be ashamed of. But, if you become a regular customer of a restaurant, enjoying the sumptuous meal every day, this may cause trouble for your health.

It is recommended not to confine yourself and your taste buds to a certain category of food. On eating moderately in small portions, all food will become healthy and good. Try to maintain a balanced diet, then you don’t need to think about which food is good or bad; you will enjoy eating food with all of your heart.

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