Why Some People Are Vegetarian

Why Some People Are Vegetarian?

For the last few years, in the UK and USA, the number of people becoming vegetarian is growing. The question is why people are choosing veg food over the non-veg? Why some people are vegetarian.

A number of causes can lead a person to become vegetarian like his social upbringing, food interest, life experience, etc. Besides the stereotype vegetarian people, many people are leaving their year-long non-vegetarian dietary habits behind and taking an oath to become vegan. For some people, the intention is simple: to quit eating animal flesh while some intend to bring changes to their lifestyle. With the rising number of vegetarian people urging to have veg food, the number of veg restaurant is on the upswing around the world. No matter how challenging it is, why people are dragging towards vegetarianism? Check out the following reasons to know the real facts behind being vegetarian.

Vegetarian By Birth

Vegetarian by Birth | Eat2Save

Humans are a bunch of diverse habitats around the world, having their own individual rational motives to turn into vegetarians. But, the fact is not all vegans choose to become veg food loving people. In a country, where one-third to one-fourth of the population are vegetarians, there in some places, being vegan is not just a chosen option but a default food habit. In some places, people are vegetarians by birth, and according to the food habit of their community, they discard non-veg food and embrace the veg food.

Budgetary Restrain

Budgetary Restrain | Eat2Save

Some people prefer eating veg food due to their budget reasons. No doubt, meat, fish, are the expensive source of protein and amino acid. Not all can afford a daily consumption of animal flesh. Those who cannot afford eating meat, egg, or fish, manage their diet by combining proteins and amino acid from the plant, grain, dairy products, etc. In this way, their body gets essential nutrients as well as save a lot of money.

Long-Term Health Benefits

Long Term Health Benefits | Eat2Save

Most of the vegetarian people who have developed the veg food eating habits later in their lives have been drawn to vegetarianism because of its health benefits. Studies show, those who live on veg dishes, live a healthier and longer life than the non-vegetarians. On eating a vegan meal every day, the chances of artery clogging and many other heart diseases decrease. The blood pressure, cholesterol, remain normal in the body of the veg eaters comparatively the non-vegetarians. Moreover, with adapting the vegetarian diet plan, people can avoid the weight gain. Vegetarian food consumption reduces the chances of cancer and metabolic syndrome.

Environmental Reasons

Environmental Reasons | Eat2Save

Research shows the production of one pound of beef demands 2500 gallons of water and 12 pounds of grains. Isn’t it shocking?

It is, in fact, alarming more than shocking. Farmers cut down trees and forests to create more and more gazing areas for their animals. This much deforestation, unnecessary use of resources are making a great impact on nature.

In the factories, the heavy machinery, the procedure to prepare processed meat, fish, and even the poultry farm, altogether they are axing the root of the environmental balance. After seeing the accelerating changes in the climate, rapid environmental degradation, etc. many people have embraced vegetarianism to become a part of the green movement. For many vegetarian people, eating the veg meal is a part of adopting a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle.

Religious And Moral Reason

Religious and Moral Reason | Eat2Save

Long before the environmental issues, health issues came to the front, people maintained a vegan lifestyle due to their religious and moral reasons. In some religion, killing the animal or eating animal flesh is strictly prohibited. Some people don’t eat meat because they adore animals. These people care for animals so much that they even hate to breed animals, and eat meat for merriment. Rest of the people don’t like to delve in faith but use their strong moral justifying senses to avoid eating meat. This is why some people are vegetarian by their own reason and moral sense.

A Longer Life

A Longer Life | Eat2Save

According to MD Michael F. Roizen, the author of ‘The RealAge Diet: Make Yourself Younger with What You Eat’, on switching the diet plan to a vegan meal, people will become able to add thirteen years more to their living. A vegan person will live a longer and healthier life than who consume saturated fat every day. Additionally, the immune system in a vegetarian person is stronger than a non-veg eating person.

It doesn’t matter what people choose to eat, veg meal or non-veg meal, what kind of restaurant they go, a veg restaurant or of a non-veg. What matters the most to stay healthy and live a life without any regrets. It is not like that only non-veg restaurants offer a range of sumptuous meals. If you choose to become a vegetarian, then you will also become able to find a full plate of a colorful vegetarian meal, without compromising the taste of food.

So, instead of asking why some people are vegetarian, ask yourself, do you want to become a vegetarian?

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