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One doesn’t need to have a lot of money to eat good food. You need to know the places serving good food.


These days, you don’t even need to leave your couch and favorite television show to go to dine out at the restaurants serving delicious food. With the growing online food ordering services, and more and more restaurants offering food takeaway, it is not that hard to find good food at reasonable pricing.

Since the first boom of food ordering websites, about five years ago, it is still picking up the momentum, rapidly growing all over the UK, expanding choice as well as convenience for the customers. With each day passing, new websites where people can order food online, are racing to capture the market. With noticing this change, many restaurants are now opening the takeaway option to hold their customers. What are the causes of this rapid change in the food and catering industry? What is all the fuss about food ordering websites?

Here, we are going to drag down some real-time facts about the growth of online food ordering services and why people are leaning towards it day by day.

The Shape Of the Food And Restaurant Market Today

The Shape Of the Food And Restaurant Market Today

Many countries of America, Asia, Europe, Middle-East, etc. have nurtured the food delivery trend. Besides the traditional food delivering services, where the customers place the order at a local fast food restaurant, pizza restaurants, etc. people are now leaning towards the websites whether they can order their food.

  • Last year, in the UK, the demands for the home deliveries increased 10 times faster than for dining out.
  • The reports of the NPD Group shows, the food delivery sector grew around 10% in the UK last year. While the total visits to restaurants increased by 1% only.
  • Even British pubs are now offering takeaway services for their customers. Pubs hold only 4% of the delivery market, and they got hiked in their delivery visits by 59% last year.
  • Almost half of the population of the UK prefers food takeaways over dining out at a Michelin-starred restaurant. The people in the UK, even prefer to order their breakfast from the food takeaway websites.

In this way, with more and more people opting for the food delivering websites over the dine-in restaurants, a new form of appetite is rising among the business owners in this sector. Investors and companies around the globe are now focusing on setting up online food delivering websites and spreading their web through several reputable restaurants and takeaways. The more you grow your partner restaurants in number, your profit and ROI will increase faster.

Why Customers Are Choosing Food Ordering Websites?

Why Customers Are Choosing Food Ordering Websites

It is not like you are availing of food online takeaways, so do I. It is not just about following the trend of food ordering online. There must be some reasons why day by day, online food delivering services are drawing people at such a rapid pace. Following are few significant customer behaviors that have helped in increasing the sale of food delivering websites.

Time Is Short

Time Is Short

With running around the busy and tiring schedule, people lack the energy to drive around the city to dine out. The on-time food delivery makes them able to eat their favorite food in the homely environment.

Timely Food Delivery

Timely Food Delivery

Almost all the food delivering services strictly maintain the on-time delivery of their food. They try their best to deliver the food to the customer within 20-30 minutes of placing the order.

Eat Food At Home

Eat Food At Home

Studies have found, 82% of the order comes from the home, and 16% comes from office. This makes clear that people are preferring eating restaurant food at home rather than get dressed and showing up at the restaurant.

Bulk Of Order On The Weekends

Bulk Of Order On The Weekends

After getting a hectic week, people like to eat restaurant food on weekends. Nearly 74% of orders get placed from Friday to Sunday at the food ordering and delivering websites.

Why Restaurants Are Getting Connected With Food Ordering Websites?

Restaurants Connected with Food Ordering Website

While more than half of the UK are preferring to order food online, many restaurants are getting connected with online food delivering websites to increase the overall sale.

  • Online food delivering services boost the in-house efficiency level of restaurants.
  • While connecting to the online takeaways, restaurants have become able to make their food delivering service more flexible. Earlier, it was difficult to manage both the dine-in and takeaways at the same time. But, it is not difficult anymore.
  • Despite running on loss, the online food delivering websites have enabled restaurant owners to increase their revenue. Moreover, the decision to get connected with an online food delivering service does not increase the fixed cost of a restaurant.

Thus, it is no shocking to see more and more online food ordering websites are growing in the UK, and even across the world. It has, in fact, made the whole food ordering and delivering system improved, modified, and better than ever before.

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