Help People Having Fresh Water

Help People Having Fresh Water

Is there anything crucial for sustaining life on the earth than water? From morning to night, we need water, fresh water. Yet, from both the rural and suburban areas of Africa to the vibrant cities of Europe, America, Asia, etc., people are suffering from the water crisis. In many rural areas across the globe, it is a challenge for the families to find out clean water to drink. From the interior places of Kenya to the teeming city Cape Town, the clean water crisis is draining the life force out of people. Studies show, around 1.2 billion people are struggling to live in areas with chronic water scarcity, falling to find out clean water of both quantity and quality to drink, cook their food, or growing their crops. Moreover, nearly 4 billion people are experiencing a shortage of fresh water for one month in a year.

What is the reason for this much water scarcity worldwide? How to help people having fresh water?

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What Are The Reasons For Clean Water Crisis?

Check out the following reasons, responsible for water crisis all over the world.

Changing Climate

Changing Climate | Eat2Save

The abrupt changes in climate across the globe are warming our planet. As a consequence, the hot and dry places are becoming more scorching and dry, clouds are turning back to the equator and moving away to the poles. On the other hand, a higher temperature leads to less snowfall and melting glaciers. For the insufficient rainwater and melting glaciers, the conventional water sources like rivers, aquifers, etc. are either getting dry or flowing with a water shortage.

Rising Population

Rising Population | Eat2Save

Over the last 100 years, the world has seen immense growth in the human population. The hike in population means more food and water supply. This has to affect the water source of the planet, resulting in water scarcity.



Water pollution is another root cause of water scarcity. The urban sewage, agricultural waste, industrial waste have polluted the water surface of the river and other such water resources. The pesticide, fertilizer, human waste, spilled oil, etc. pollute the water, and it loses its quality for being drinkable. As industries grow, agriculture sector becomes advanced, and urban areas become developed, people’s struggle to get access to fresh water becomes ever more prominent than ever before.

The Effects Of Water Scarcity

The Effects Of Water Scarcity | Eat2Save

What we did in the past, definitely holds the effect on our present. Now, around 844 million people are unable to get access to clean and fresh water. Without getting clean drinkable water easily, in both suburban and rural areas, families get caught under poverty, generations after generations. They are laboring hard to earn bread and their children drop out of school. Women and children are exposed to many infectious diseases from drinking dirty water.

It is clear that access to fresh and clean water is essential for everyone. Unless people get access to clean water, how could they develop the good habits of hygiene and sanitation?

How To Help People With Clean Water?

How To Help People With Clean Water | Eat2Save

So, what can we do? How to help people having fresh water?

There is no cosmic flashing arrow to show you how to help people with clean water. Many non-profit organizations have already come forward, and through various campaigning, they are bringing the water crisis under the spotlight to create awareness on the globe.

Just A Little Awareness

Just A Little Awareness | Eat2Save

As we said earlier, there will be no neon flashing light showing you the path or ways to help others. It is the inner calling, more precisely the awareness of the mind that will encourage you to help people having fresh water. Unless you recognize the need of others, place it at the top of yours, you can never do the sacrifices to meet it.

Look Out For Your Neighbor

Look Out For Your Neighbor | Eat2Save

You wastewater every day, while your neighbor is getting nearly fainted of thirst. Here, the neighbor doesn’t mean the next door, maybe a mile or 10 miles away from your home, waiting for you to respond. You don’t need to fly off to the rural areas of Kenya to help people with clean water. Studies show one in eight people lack access to fresh drinkable water. Look out at your neighbors, you will get the answer to whom to help and how.

Go For Charity

Go For Charity | Eat2Save

Donate money to charities and non-profit organizations are a good and conventional way to stand beside the poor and needy people. But, with so many charities and out there, it becomes tricky to decide which one you will choose to donate your money. On choosing the right and reputable non-profit organization, you will be assured that 100% of your money is going directly to the water projects around the world.

Amidst the global water crisis, the good news is that Government, universities, research institutions, many businesses, are now waking their conscious up to stand against the water challenges and restore water in the hot and dry topographies. Eat2Save allows its customers to get attached to these charities and donate money according to their affordability to fight against the global water crisis.

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