Places Where Can You Get Free Food

Where Can You Get Free Food

Shopping for grocery, vegetables, and fruits is quite enjoyable. But, when it comes to paying for the bill, all enjoyment get vanished in a second.

On weekends, it feels amazing to drive around the city, and eat out. But all fun gets dried out when the time comes to pay the bill.

Whether you are a student or an adult, when food or drink comes for free, it definitely feels good. What if you can get good food to eat for free?

Sounds impossible? Well, there are plenty of legit ways to score free food. Where can you get free food? It is not about just a few spots or locations, but it is all about how and which way you need to fix your hungry eyes to ooze the best opportunity to enjoy free food.Following are few tricks or ways showing how and where can you get free food or grocery?

Super Market Cashback Offer

Supermarket Cashback Offer

Super Market cashback coupons are effective ways to earn grocery or canned food with a great discount or for free. Don’t feel shy to use coupons. They are a very good tool to earn some discounts or get buy one get one offer on the top products. You may also cut the coupons for the next buy in advance and use them for your next supermarket visit.

How About To Become A Mystery Shopper?

Become A Mystery Shopper

Is mystery shopper a real thing to believe in?

Many restaurants want to know how their food actually tastes or what customers feel for their service. So, they search for people, who will come to their restaurants, eat food, pose as a regular customer and fill out a survey about their restaurants at the end. Doesn’t it sound interesting? If you wish to become a mystery shopper, then sign up at any mystery shopping sites, watch their shop boards like a hawk. Whenever you find a restaurant gig, jump for it.

Have You Ever Attend Any Super Market Opening?

If you hear from your friends that another supermarket is going to pop its head out in your town, then make your mindset, you will be there on its opening day. It is pretty much obvious that on the very first opening day, supermarkets offer the samples of their food and grocery to attract the customers. Seize this opportunity and get yourself good food for free.

Promotional Events At Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes

Have you ever attended any promotional event at restaurants or cafe?

Never mind, forget the past and focus on the present or upcoming opportunities. Many restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. offer free samples at the promotional events of their new dishes, drinks, etc. Moreover, very often, reputable big brands sometimes dish out the samples of their new products before launching. Why don’t you get information about such food promotional events and enjoy your freebie food? Many brands even offer freebies online or distribute free samples of their food at the busiest corners of cities. So, keep your eyes and ears all open.

Fill Out The Receipt Surveys

Many of us ignore those surveys at the bottom of the restaurant receipts. But, those who ignore this filling out the survey, most of the time miss a free appetizer, dessert against it. In fact, these surveys are a great way to earn free food. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the survey, by answering a few simple questions. But, with this question answering, you can win your favorite dessert or drink at that restaurant.

Why Don’t You Socialize?

Festivals, social gatherings, events, office meetings, grand openings, seminars, etc. are the best occasions to enjoy free food. Look out for social gatherings where foods are to be served and attend it. Many social gatherings, office meetings, parties, etc. employ a good caterer, so there is no chance to repent for attending social or office events.

Food Donations

Sure you have heard of food donation.

Many charitable organizations, non-profit organizations run food bank to collect surplus food from people to distribute it among the people in need. These food banks are a great place to get food for free. You may not suffer from hunger, but there can be a family living just a mile away from your house is looking for food donation. You can collect information about the food bank and pass it on to them.

Avail of Birthday Freebies

On your birthday, it is usually your turn to treat your friends. How can you get free treats on your birthday?

You may not know how many restaurants and cafes offer free birthday cakes or food on their customer’s birthday. If you play the opportunity right, then you can enjoy a sumptuous birthday meal without spending a penny from your wallet.

It is not like how to get food for free, but how many ways to try on to enjoy getting free food. So, Take advantages of these mentioned amazing ways and enjoy your free food.

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