Please You Can Donate Excess Food By Rounding Your Payment

Donate Excess Food By Rounding Your Payment

Studies show that the UK alone produces nearly 14 million tons of food waste every year with around 6 million tons of food and organic wastes sent to landfill.

Isn’t it shocking?

The refrigerator in your kitchen is loaded with excess food that you are never going to eat and will throw them in the trash can. While a family just away a few miles from your home, is struggling with their daily wages, failing to manage one time meal a day, sleeping on a torn rag by the streets. At night they are dreaming of having a full plate hot meal while you are busy to fill your trash can with leftovers. With so many charity initiations, child helplines, fundraisers out there, we can think about food donations instead of throwing the excess food to the landfill.

The Crisis: Reasons To Food Donation

Food Crisis

Whether it is a first world country like the UK, USA, or third world country like India, Pakistan, Cuba, etc., hunger problem still remains as a deeply-rooted issue, a hidden crisis across the country. With the rising food bank, food donation and food security campaigns, the problem of poverty, hunger, and malnutrition, becomes more prominent to the world.

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has found that almost 8.4 million U.K. citizens suffer from food insecurity. Among these 8.4 million citizens, 4.7 million have been classified as the most insecure of food.

According to the Global Hunger Index 2018, India stands at a horrifying 103rd place among 119 countries around the world. India is even behind many underdeveloped African nations, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

The USDA reports show nearly 23.5 million people in the United States struggle with food insecurity due to low income, or other such resources.

The question is, with such a rocket growth in technology, economy, and other sectors, why does hunger still exist in the world?

No matter how we feel proud of the rich culture and super growth of the country, the heaps of food waste in religious festivals, social ceremonies, gatherings, restaurants, households, etc., are unavoidable. There is a solution lies: go for surplus donation and donate excess food to charities.

Important Facts About Food Donations

In this present world, when the rich people are getting richer, and the poor are getting deprived of having a proper meal a day, food donation is a very good and effective way to fight with poverty and hunger problems in the country. Many NGO and non-profit organizations have already come forward to take the initiation so that people can donate excess food. These organizations first, collect excess food from household, restaurants, social gatherings, etc. Later, they distribute that food among the people in need through food banks, food pantry, and hunger rescue programs.

But, surplus donation to homeless poor and shelters, comes with certain rules depending on the country. Many organizations collect nonperishable food like canned vegetables with clear expiration dates on the cans. If you are willing to donate excess food of your household, then contact the local shelters to know which types of food waste they accept. Many non-profit organizations are out there who collect excess food from party, wedding, restaurants, corporate meetings, etc. and distribute them among the people in distress.

Advantages of Food Donation

Following are a few advantages of donating food to the distress.

Better Improvement To Life Satisfaction

Whether it is the leftover of your kitchen or your old attire, when you donate them to someone in need, it will bring satisfaction to your mind. The generously giving tendencies of a community demonstrate their initiation towards making lives better and improved.

Spreading Humanity

One of the main reasons to donate excess food to the poor is to extinguish their pain of hunger. There can be no other reason for food donation larger than this. With more and more actively donating leftovers, we will become able to spread humanity across the globe.

Decreased Disposal cost

For the restaurant and food catering industry, the waste disposal cost becomes a large figure per month. With donating the excess food, restaurants and caterers can save their food disposal expenses.

Fulfilling Social Responsibilities

With donating extra food from the shelves of your kitchen, you will never run on short but will become able to fulfilling your social responsibilities.

Rounding Up Is A Traditional Charity Request

Donating amount while you are shopping or checking out from a restaurant, is the new trend of donation. Very often, the customers are asked to round up their bills while checking out from the shopping malls, stores, or restaurants.

Although rounding up bills is the new wave in charity, the concept is not new. It is, in fact, a modified part of the traditional charity. Market research shows, people become more willing to donate on asking them to round up their bills, even if the amount is pre-determined. The donating amount is small, negligible, but varies from restaurants to restaurants, mall to the mall.

Some restaurants ask their customers to donate 50 cents and round up their bills, and some asks to round up the bill for a dollar extra. All these little amounts of money or donation hold the potentiality to solve large issues like food insecurity.

Eat2Save, an online food ordering website has taken the initiation to save the people in distress. Besides food donation, Eat2Save allows its customers to round up their bill while checking out and donate a small amount of money to the people in need.

Take the first step towards saving the world with restoring humanity.

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