Find the Best Indian Food you Ever Had in Greenhithe

Indian Food in Greenhithe

Every now and then, people get weird cravings, they mix up foods to satiate their cravings and sometimes they try new foods to know the basics of different cuisines. One of the cuisine that has a big influence on British food is Indian cuisine. The curry nation is very popular all around the world, but mainly in Britain, people love to try different types of curry. The complex flavour of Indian food takes the whole flavour structure on another level. Eat2Save, which is an online based food delivery system, lets you order food from every corner of Britain but mainly it specialises Indian food and points out the various location from where you can get delicious creamy curries and rice delicacies.

Popular Indian eats around Greenhithe: Eat2Save has come up with a list of restaurants in Greenhithe that allows you to order Indian food whenever you want. These foods are what every British chap are looking for as they serve the authentic flavors of India. The restaurants in Greenhithe that serve Indian foods are listed below.

Radhuny: situated in 87-89 Lowfield St, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1HP, this restaurant serves the best kind of Indian food that you are looking for. The homemade feeling that it comes from the food is heartwarming. The kind of food that they serve starts from a connoisseur menu which has delicacies like chicken tikka, paneer lifafa etc to house specialities and gourmet courses that offers dishes like chicken and lamb hari mirch, chicken and lamb sagoti, chicken nihari, jafforan chicken. It doesn’t stop here. Naan and biryani with various tasty curries are also present.

The Raja: the Raja which means the king is indeed a king when it comes to serving food. the kind of food that they serve is rather authentic that would make one go and take a tour to India. The dishes that they serve are chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken, lamb, chicken, prawn and various kind of biryani, chef’s special chicken and lamb curry, and who can forget the biryani and naans.

Polash takeaway: situated in 449 Princes Rd, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1RB, it is a takeaway restaurant that allows you a much more easy option of taking the food away at your home and enjoying it later. Their speciality of food is Indian and the curry items. The menu has items such as tandoori chicken tikka, tandoori lamb tikka, tandoori prawn tikka, Madras dishes such as chicken madras curry, lamb madras, chicken tikka madras, biryanis and naans and mulches with assorted chutneys and many more.

Invicta spice: situated in 5 Station Approach, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1BP, this place serves good food at low prices. The foods that they serve are chicken and lamb tandoori, chef’s special which consist of Peshawari chicken and naga Mirchi chicken and lamb, various kind of biryani, naans, and curry and bhuna, do pizza items to go with it. The whole restaurant serves food that is not only rich in taste but also makes the soul feel content.

Green Spice: situated in Green Street, Dartford, Kent, DA2 8DP, this in diam restaurant that serves food at its best form comes with much delicious foods assortment that one is looking for. The kind of food that they serve are mixed platter starter which has chicken tikka, lamb tikka fish pakora and many other things. Tandoori main courses such as chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, and other tasty dishes. Other classic main dishes such as chicken and lamb korma, chicken and lamb curry, biryani and naans and many more.

If you are looking for a restaurant on a low budget but has hit a jackpot when it comes to taste and variety, make sure you check out all these restaurants. These are the best restaurants that serve the best Indian food in Greenhithe.

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