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Food is an emotion. Food is something that you try to find when in trouble, or in your joy. No matter what you are going through, be it a feeling of exhaustion or extreme happiness, we need food to let our hair down. In other words, food is the medium people choose to communicate with their inner soul. Based on one’s mood, one can choose various kind of cuisine. One can choose continental, Mexican food, American food, Italian food or Indian food, English food and the list don’t end here. The British chaps love to eat- be it their daily nibble fish and chips or their comfort food Shepherd’s pie, they never hesitate to go out and explore a bit too. One if the most influential food in Britain is Indian food as the Indian colony is on the rise. People here love to eat Indian food as the complexity of the flavour is something that amazes them. Eat2Save, an online food delivery system in the UK allows you to order Indian food from wherever they want.

Indian food and its warmness

The complexity of the spice in the Indian food makes it more intimidating. Starting from Bengali food to Awadhi food, from south Indian food to Punjabi food, there are many restaurants in Erith that let you order whatever your mood want. The hearty food is very essential because it soals your soul with love. You can feel the love through the food they make. Eat2save has on its list of every restaurant that will help you choose the restaurant. Here are a few restaurants that you should definitely order from-


situated in 87-89 Lowfield St, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1HP, radhuny mainly serves Indian cooking. The curry here is filled with warmth and love which can be spotted in every bite. starting from traditional starters to the gourmet selection of food- this restaurant allows you to choose whatever you want. The rich selection of menu lets you have many options to choose from. Not only the complex food they serve, but they also serve foods that can make you feel like home.

The Raja

the Raja which means the king, is indeed a king when it comes to serving Indian food. Situated in The Raja, 73 Hythe Street, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1BG, they serve Awadhi food. From biryani to tandoori, from naans to delicious creamy curry they serve everything.

The Spice Fusion

another restaurant to look for if you are craving the taste of India is the spice fusion. Situated in 20 Station Rd, Crayford, Kent, DA1 3QA, the also serve Awadhi food. Biryani, tandoori starters, seafood items, naan and curry, whatever you want, you’ll get there.

Albert spice

situated in 2 Broadway, Erith, Kent, DA7 7LE, this restaurant has a rich selection of menu when it comes to Indian food. Their house specials are to die for. Tandoori, organ dishes, hearty Indian food can be ordered here.

Lal Sag

situated in 19 Crayford High St, Dartford, Kent, DA1 4HH, this restaurant serves the best exclusive Indian food that you want. The fusion of their food is apparent in their food. Other than that they serve biryani dishes, tandoori items and many assorted items.

Now that you know what kind of food you want and now that you are equipped with the information on where to find the best Indian food in Erith, what are you waiting for? Go on, order a dish.

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