Best Indian Restaurants in Dartford

indian food in Dartford

When the British came to the land of spice, they found it very mesmerizing. The usage of spice in various food made them understand the usage of spices and elevated the value of India in their eyes. The gravies which owe their complex richness to the spices and the method of cooking hypnotised the British folks which still continues to grow even after they have left the country. The taste of curry is something that not many can forget easily. The spice can be controlled, the richness can be cut through with the help of yoghurt or cream, the vehicle of eating this gravy is maintained by either rice or naan and this whole package of food which offers carb, starch, nutrients and anti-inflammatory spices continues to win heart all over the world. Eat2Save, an online-based food delivery system, has come up with 5 restaurants around Dartmouth that serves best Indian dishes in the UK.

Best Indian eats

Indian food continues to charm the British people throughout the century. The exotic spices and the mesmerizing effects of it on food create a hypnotising effect on people which makes them end up wanting more. The 5 restaurants that Eat2Save has listed are mentioned below.

The Raja

Situated in 73 Hythe Street, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1BG, the Raja which means the king serves they serve Awadhi food. From biryani to tandoori, from naans to delicious creamy curry they serve everything. The dishes that they serve are chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken, lamb, chicken, prawn and various kind of biryani, chef’s special chicken and lamb curry, and who can forget the biryani and naans.


It is one of that restaurant that serves promising Indian food in the Dartmouth region. Situated in 87-89 Lowfield St, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1HP. They serve non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian food. The kind of food they serve are chicken tikka, paneer lifafa etc to house specialities and gourmet courses that offers dishes like chicken and lamb Hari mirch, chicken and lamb sagoti, chicken nihari, jafforan chicken. It doesn’t stop here. Naan and biryani with various tasty curries are also present.

Polash Indian takeaway

This takeaway food system serves the best Indian food that would leave you with a tantalising soul. Situated in 449 Princes Rd, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1RB, the varieties of Indian food that are served here are tandoori chicken tikka, tandoori lamb tikka, tandoori prawn tikka, Madras dishes such as chicken madras curry, lamb madras, chicken tikka madras, biryanis and naans and mulches with assorted chutneys and many more.

Spice fusion

This restaurant has the best infusion items that one needs. Situated in 20 Station Rd, Crayford, Kent, DA1 3QA, spice fusion serves food like tandoori items such as chicken tandoori, lamb tandoori, Mughlai items such as chicken biryani, lamb biryani, curry dishes like chicken korma, lamb korma, balti dishes and many more.

Lal Sag

Lal Sag, which is an Indian restaurant situated in 19 Crayford High St, Dartford, Kent, DA1 4HH serves the authentic food that you have been looking for. the food they serve is tandoori chicken, tandoori lamb, garlic tandoori chicken along with biryani and other curry items like medium chicken and lamb curry, madras curry. They have also a section dedicated to duck meat and kid’s meal which is less spicy and better suited for their taste buds.

Now that you are well equipped with the information on where you should go to have authentic and rich Indian food, what are you waiting for? Next time when you are in Dartmouth, don’t forget to check in one of these restaurants to have a hearty meal.

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