Best Indian Food Available in Bexleyheath

Indian Dishes in Bexleyheath

Indian food has a big influence on British folks. Because of the colonial past between India and Britain, the food influence of India is growing more and more, not only this, Indian people are shifting in Britain because of many reasons, academic or any other. The impact of Indian food is greater than ever. Many renowned chefs like Jamie Oliver who is one of the celebrated chefs in Britain adores the Indian cuisine and highlights many Indian delicacies in his shows. Eat2Save, an online-based food delivery system, allows you to order Indian food around Bexleyheath. These restaurants celebrate the complex nature of the food by presenting such simple yet authentic courses that represent India.

Best Indian eats around Bexleyheath

The representation of culture through food is one of the best ways to feel the closeness. Through food, one can feel the love and sincerity hidden in the elements. The best Indian restaurants in Bexleyheath are listed below.


rasoi restaurant

This restaurant situated in 66 Avenue Rd, Kent, DA7 4EG, Kent, Kent, DA7 4EG, this restaurant serves Indian food such as chicken korma, chicken tikka masala, madras delicacies, chicken biryani, lamb biryani, chicken jalfrezi, chicken butter masala, chicken rezala, chicken tehari, tawa chicken which is their house special dish. Biryani is their other speciality, other than this they have also started to serve many vegetarian dishes to suit the vegans out there. The vegetarian dishes are a spicy vegetable which is a spinach, chickpea potato dish, aloo matar, Tamil sambar and many more.

Root Of Spice

Root of Spice

This restaurant situated in 92 Parsonage Manorway, Belvedere Kent DA17 6LY, this restaurant serves the best Indian food available in Bexleyheath. The amalgamation of complex spices and the method of cooking results in food that is not only tasty but touches the soul of the people. Soul-Warming food is best in its own way. The type of food they serve is Awadhi, biryanis, Mughlai, tandoori etc.

Bombay Balti House

Bombay Balti House

This restaurant situated in 153 Long Lane, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA7 5AE, this restaurant serves Indian curry that can tantalise the soul of any other person. The kind of food they serve are starters like chicken chat, chicken tikka etc, tandoori dishes like chicken tikka, lamb tikka, fish tikka, mushroom tikka etc, biryanis like chicken biryani, mushroom biryani, naans and kulchas and garlic chicken, akbori chicken which is the speciality of the restaurant.



This restaurant situated in 7 Lingfield Crescent, BexleyHeath, Dartford, SE9 2RL, this Indian restaurant serves many dishes from all over India. The kind of food they serve is tandoori chicken, tandoori tikka, tandoori shashlik, chicken tikka balti, lamb tikka balti, chef’s speciality like tikka masala, tikka pasanda, rice dishes, various curries be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Papadoms, pickles and many other delicacies that is a must-have in India.

BBQ Xpress Peri Peri

BBQ Xpress

This restaurant situated in 59C Bellegrove Rd, Welling, Kent, DA16 3PB, this restaurant though not an Indian one but serves the best kind of spicy food that one must crave for. The food they make celebrates spice and what can be better than spice and meat? Some of their popular dishes are peri peri chicken burger meal, lamb chops with side and drink, peri peri chicken wings and boneless chickens. They also serve valuable meals which consist of burgers and other food.

All these restaurants have one thing in common- the love of food and connecting the people through them. The celebration of spices at low-cost money is something that everyone wants. Now you can enjoy the Indian delicacy through this restaurant and can feel at home.

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