Take a Step Toward Humanity: Donate Food

Take a step toward humanity: donate food

Food has been the most essential need of our mankind and why wouldn’t it be? Food provides us with the nutrients that we need to sustain ourselves. While we have what we need, a genuine shelter, clothes to cover ourselves, enough food feed us, there are so many countries out there that are still struggling to make the ends meet. To provide themselves with clothes or a proper shelter many have come forward to help them through NGOs or any other medium. But what about food? Many restaurants with the help of NGOs and other welfare organization has come up to help people all around the world with problems related to food. They donate food to those in need. Eat2Save, an online food service system based in the UK has come up with those restaurants that donate food. Food donation is a kind step towards humanity.

The reason why we should donate food:

Why we Should Donate Food

A study has shown that there are many countries that waste food in an amount that could feed a hungry state in the west. We need food donation because hunger exists in every corner of the country. For those who cannot sustain their life with proper food are to be put here into consideration. There are many people out there who can’t decide whether to feed themselves or pay for other essentials. So it is up to the community to come up with a solution. There are food banks and such community center that help the people in need when it comes to food. Food bank means that the community would give in the excessive food so that it can be useful to those in need. Other than food bank, food pantry and food rescue programme have been included too. Food rescue programme is carried out by some agencies or organization that distributes food to those in need. In other words, prepared foods are donated to charity which is later distributed among the people.

Facts and benefits:

In this time of technology, one country is getting richer and has every means to get bigger and more successful but there exist those countries too that are trying revolutionized their path. These developing countries are fighting so many issues. In the world where rich are getting richer and the poor are just scraping by to have a proper meal, hunger is the thing that is eating the world. It is up to us to rescue them, save them, help them. Food donation is the tone of the right way to end this poverty-stricken hungry world. There is much reason why we should donate food but the most important one is saving those from the pain of hunger. There are many benefits to food donation. They are as followed.

  • The main reason one should donate food is because of the people in need. No other reason can be bigger than this. For the sake of humanity, we need to take this step and spread a helping hand.
  • A lot of food gets wasted in the food industry. Not only restaurants that waste food, many households because of their lack of knowledge on storing has created wastage that just seems wrong. Instead of making this wastage they should donate their food. Donating food reduces the chances of food wastage.
  • It enhances your social responsibility. It helps you to connect with the people, to feel what they are feeling and to reduce their pain. Connecting with people helps you understand your surrounding and community on a better level.
  • Donating food means clearing the clutter of your shelves. The food that you don’t need can simply be donated. The food that you don’t want can be a meal for others.
  • By giving away you are not falling short on things, you are merely trying to protect your community. Protecting the place you live and love is another way of saying how much it means to you
  • It increases the morale of the community. Donating creates a sense of morale among them.

The world has many problems but a problem where people are dying because of hunger is not the right way to live. If you have that power in you to change the world, then do so. A small step of kindness can take you long ahead. Eat2Save, along with some associated restaurant in the UK has taken the initiations to help their community. What about you? When will you take that step and lend a helping hand? It is time. It is time to take the step, it may be small but it will be an important one because all it takes is baby steps toward this broken world to fix it, to restore the faith in humanity.

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