Do your Bit to Stop the Rising Problem of Food Waste in UK

Food Waste Management

The paradox relating to the wide spread occurrence of food waste and hunger in UK is just astonishing. Every year a huge quantity of good food is being wasted away in the UK food industry and it has accelerated so rapidly that it needs urgent solution. At Eat2Save we are just not about making business and earning profits, we realize that we have a responsibility to the people and to our environment. Food is our passion and it is painful to see it getting wasted. We cannot take this issue lightly and it has to be catapulted to the global level and more sustainable initiatives have to be applied for the food waste management in UK immediately.

At Eat2Save we want to minimize food wastage and use the surplus of the food industry to redistribute among those who need it the most but are not able to afford it. Instead of letting the surplus get disposed off or go to waste, redistributing them will not only reduce food wastage of good edible food but also turn it into meals for the undernourished vulnerable people.

Learn about the all round impact of food waste

Food waste problem is not just a social issue of global hunger but has a significant environmental impact. The wasted food which turns up in landfill adds to the problem of greenhouse emissions in the world and subsequently also contributes to climate change. It is shameful to see the alarming increase in food waste in UK when there are more than 8.4 million UK families still unable to afford food and going without food for days. People are still struggling to put food on the table every day and even then more and more food is being thrown away making it an urgent necessity of the hour to increase the efficiency of the food system and prevent food wastage.

Food waste does not only occur at supermarket or public food outlets and restaurants but also in your homes and households. When you buy more food than your consumption capacity or when the restaurants produce large quantities of food which ultimately give rise to leftovers, all these are contributing to food waste in UK. At Eat2Save we understand the global nature of the issue of food waste and believe that it is our responsibility to encourage our customers to reduce their food waste and distribute their surplus food among those who are in need of it. We are in constant contact with millions of customers every week and we aim to use this opportunity to the fullest for championing the cause of waste food management in UK.

Eat2Save encourages you to apply these easy steps for food waste management

Eat2Save has curated a few simple tips to reduce food wastage in your day to day life. To begin with measure your portions, this reduces the probability of being left with surplus food and you will end up with the right amount. While ordering don’t give in to greed but be mindful of your capacity and order accordingly.

Secondly do not be in a hurry to throw away the leftovers, try out some recipe or other ways of utilizing them. Thirdly there are so many people who experience the pangs of hunger on a daily basis; you can do your bit by donating the extra food and volunteering in other charity work to encourage the supermarkets and grocery stores to donate their extra food. You can also work with organizations which look into matters of food waste management and help them collect the surplus and redistribute it.

Finally use more of the food you buy, be creative and look for sustainable ways to minimize food waste. Remember the solution begins with you, if you do your bit and encourage others to do theirs, it can make a huge difference. The problem of food waste is all around us and it is in your control to change it around. Purchasing more than you can eat and overstocking leads to edible food unnecessarily being wasted and too many leftovers getting sour in the fridge and ultimately being thrown out. The more these habits continue food waste in UK will not lessen but will increase and worsen problems such as hunger and food poverty.

Love food and stop the waste!

Eat2Save wants to remind you that we are all the cause for the massive food waste in UK. Waste food management has to be taken seriously and the rampant culture of consumerism has to be curbed. To put it simply the food that you throw away as waste or rubbish is enough to feed more than double the number suffering from malnutrition and undernourishment. Stop the waste and love your food because it is truly the only necessity for a happy healthy lifestyle.

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