Do your Bit to Stop the Rising Problem of Food Waste in UK

Food Waste Management

The paradox relating to the wide spread occurrence of food waste and hunger in UK is just astonishing. Every year a huge quantity of good food is being wasted away in the UK food industry and it has accelerated so rapidly that it needs urgent solution. At Eat2Save we are just not about making business and earning profits, we realize that we have a responsibility to the people and to our environment. Food is our passion and it is painful to see it getting wasted. We cannot take this issue lightly and it has to be catapulted to the global level and more sustainable initiatives have to be applied for the food waste management in UK immediately.

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Celebrate this Auspicious and Exciting Chinese New Year in London with Eat2Save

Celebrate Chinese New Year in London with Eat2Save

With the advent of 2019 one of the most exciting, colorful and event in London this February is the Chinese New Year. It’s no surprise that this year too London has kicked off the festivities with traditional lion dances, dancing dragons, live music and some amazing authentic dumplings, fish, spring rolls, and rice cake. Just reading the names make your mouth water and rightly so. It is said that lucky food is served during this time and there is a lot of auspicious symbolism of traditional Chinese New Year food. So why miss out of such amazing food bringing so much positivity and happiness, just take your pick and get your online takeaway from Eat2Save.

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