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Indian food is always synonymous with spices and which eccentrically touch the high notes on our taste buds. Winter, in India, is colourful and boasts a variety of fruits, vegetables and cereals in winter. It is the season of the Rabi crop or the winter cropping season and yields numerous vegetations.

We, at Eat2Save, felt that it would be great to list down a few Indian dishes that can be enjoyed a lot over the whole winter.

Rogan Ghosht

Rogan Ghosht is a Kashmiri delicacy which is loaded with exotic spices. The word ‘Ghosht’ means meat and Rogan Ghosht is made of mutton. The mutton is cooked in a gravy with plenty of nuts and dry fruits. The thing which makes it a winter speciality is the fact that it is also loaded with fiery spices which can warmup your body. Mutton being a heavy, heaty meat, is also responsible for keeping the chills away.

Paya Shorba or Nihari

Paya Shorba or Nihari is a soup which is cooked with hoof or trotter of lamb, goat or cows. It is a delicacy which is famous in winter as it generates heat and keeps the body warm owing to the spices used. The soup is also loaded with nutritional values which is why it is also a highly recommended dish for health freaks all year round.

Sarson da Saag

Sarson da Saag is a traditional Panjabi dish made from mustard leaves and other vegetables (like spinach). This dish is a delicacy which is best enjoyed in winter with makki di roti, butter or jaggery. Mustard leaves contain protein and iron and other nutritional supplements. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of mustard leaves makes them a great choice of health food, which is harvested during winter.


Rasam is a soup made from red lentils and other vegetables cooked with hot spices and turmeric. It is a south Indian delicacy. A bowl of Rasam can easily suffice for a meal. Rasam is rich in antioxidants, fibre and protein which makes it the perfect light food for those who wish to keep parity between taste and health. A piping hot bowl of Rasam for dinner on a winter evening will surely warm you up like nothing else.


Papdi is a vegetable that grows on creepers during winter in western part of India. In Gujarat, it is used to make a fiery dry vegetable strew called Undhiyo. This traditional Gujrati dish is made from papdi and other winter vegetables such as sweet potato, peas and brinjals which are cooked together with hot traditional Guajarati spices. It is served with puri, methi mutiyas or roti as a main course during winter. Along with high nutritional value the hot and spicy Indian dish will run water down your five sense organs.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Having sweets after meal is a tradition of the world in general, but in India it is something like a religious act. Any Indian meal is incomplete without some yummy deserts and so is our blog. Gajar Ka Halwa is prepared from fresh and sweet gajar (Eng. Carrot) which is ground and mixed with sugar, dry fruits and nuts and slow-cooked using olive oil and ghee. The result is a sumptuous sweet dish which tastes the best during winter when you can find the freshest of carrots. This sweet dish, being a favourite taste and smell of any Indian household, also has its nutritional backbone in the right place. Carrot is good for regulating blood sugar during winter ghee raises the body temperature apart from being beneficial for several other mental and physical health.

As we draw the finishing line to end our collection of splendid Indian dishes that you can enjoy this winter, we would like to know which one you wish to try out this winter. You can also email us your favourite winter dish us at:

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