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online food delivery service

We all have had that day when we woke up at 1:30 PM with a sensation in the stomach screaming FOOD!! We all know what we do next… type or speak into our phone: “Online food delivery service near me”.

Your smartphone will return a voluminous list of food joints which delivery food if you order online. Now, again as we all have felt, the list is undoubtedly overwhelming and we tend to get lost in the tapestry of choices. Which may end up in loss of appetite.

So, to save such days of food in a plastic container, we have listed 6 top and hot food joints that handles online food delivery service like a breeze.


A recognisable joint which serves authentic fusion dishes and specialises in North Indian cuisine. Those who think that Indian food is still served on banana leaves will be thrilled to discover how contemporary Indian food is packed and delivered hot at your doorsteps. Consider ordering the railway lamb, it’s delicious.

Hawley Kitchen

If fresh food made from fresh organic raw materials is something you dig, this sought-after joint is something you visit. It is usually packed, but you can order food online through eat2save and cut cross the traffic.

Spice Fusion

The best in the class curry is served right here at this very special joint. It is apt for ordering your Balti and feast on the tender chicken. It is a takeaway-friendly joint where you can order online.

House on the Hill

There is nothing that’s satiates a ‘brunching’ stomach that pizza. It has been spoiling us since time immemorial. If you are a fan or gluten-free, hot and customised pizzas then House on the Hill is where you should order your next takeaway from. They also serve lip-smacking kebabs which is a must try for gluten-free food lovers.

Royal Siam

Thai food is an excellent choice for a light yet fulfilling gastronomical experience. Royal Siam offers a wide variety of sauce. These sauces are what makes Royal Siam distinguishable among other Thai joints. They love experimenting with their sauces and take special care to bottle each and every one.

So, next time when you stay back home in your pyjamas and decide to order food online. Make sure you have these restaurants at the top of your recommended online food delivery services.

Happy craving!

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  1. Thanks for this information!

    Here mentioned restaurants are good enough, but in dartford area there have few more Indian restaurants who are also good and accept online food delivery service. Like: The Raja, Polash Indian Takeaway, Albert Spice etc.

    If you update your post with few more Indian restaurants in dartford who accept online food delivery service, it will be more useful for the users.

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