The Untold History of Food Delivery

Food Delivery

On a Wednesday night you come home from work, you are craving for an exotic dish, but the tiredness has imbibed you too much to cook. What do you do? Do you suppress your longing and heat the freezer meal? Or you go out to your favorite restaurant to satiate the irrepressible craving? I say neither! You sit at home, enjoy the food being delivered at home and thank the technology today!

Today we cannot imagine throwing a dinner for even ten people without ordering takeaway. Have you ever pondered upon the fact that without food delivery how difficult our lives would have? If not, wonder now! However, the question still remains about the origin of this brilliant idea of food delivery.

We can all agree that the World War II did nothing better than blessing us with the birth of this idea. With all the homes and kitchen appliances of a large population being destroyed and no place or food to cook for the servicemen, the role of Women Volunteers became even more prominent. The responsibility of delivering food to servicemen was allotted to them. In 1947, in Hemel Hempstead, the idea of delivering warm pre-cooked food by prams instead of vans was put to motion. From UK, the idea soon made it way to the United States.

Pizza deliveryPerhaps the modern food delivery system came into existence with delivering of pizza in Chicago by DomiNick’s Pizza in 1961. Soon the story of how it was taken to San Fransico and beyond over the railroads was heard. Following the trend, the Chinese food delivery came in too.

Owing to the dotcom boom that happened in the late 20th century, innumerable changes were made to the system to make it more relevant to the customer needs. Flyers and toll free numbers were brought in to receive food delivery orders. Soon emerged the websites that provided you with a list of restaurants to choose from, for food delivery service. Now we can’t thank them enough for letting us sit at home and enjoy that bowl of Ramen with Netflix on roll!

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