Top 5 yummilicious Indian dishes you can order when in hurry!


Chicken tikka masala: Originally invented in Glasgow, this dish boasts of chunks of roasted marinated chicken in a spiced creamy curry. Invented to please the whims of a customer, a Pakistani Chef, Ali Ahmed added a bowl of tomato to the dry chicken curry that was sent back by the customer and it was an immediate hit! With over 48 recipes to refer to, this “British-Indian dish” is a classic.

Butter chicken: It’s a heavenly feeling when the beautiful saffron colored creamy chicken curry hits your taste buds. Butter chicken, otherwise known as Murgh Makhani, is usually marinated overnight with yogurt and spices. The succulent chicken is then cooked in a clay oven called tandoor. It’s a traditional Punjabi dish usually ordered as a side dish with roti or naan.

Rogan Josh: The Mughals brought this legendary Persian dish to Kashmir. Rogan josh comprises of lamb chunks simmered in a gravy full of aromatic aromatic spices. The intense red colour traditionally comes from generous use of dried Kashmiri chilies. The spices in the recipe sings more of aroma than the heat. To add the omph factor, saffron, dried flowers or root of Alkanna tinctoria are used to impart the crimson colour.

Palak Paneer: To ease your taste buds after a delicious treat of meat, add eating Palak paneer to your bucket list. Consisting of paneer in a thick curry based on puree spinach, this dish rich in iron.

Chole: Our list would be incomplete without this comfort dish, chole. This dish is made of chickpeas in a thick spicy curry sauce and it is perfect to boost your protein levels if you’re a vegeterian!

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