Online Reviews- What? Why? How?

Online Reviews

We are in an era where living a convenient life is unbelievable and of course unimaginable without relying on the Internet. Our Californian friend, Google, is now our guide to anything and everything in life. The most trending questions on Google start with “how”. This goes on to prove our immense faith in Google’s opinion.

The tales of once well known restaurants being shut down due to the raging negative reviews flooded on the internet, is not something uncommon. Restauranteurs today are well aware of the obvious increase in takings owing to the good reviews, while the unfavourable ones pose the threat of even shutting down. Until now, we weren’t sure about how powerful online critics can be.

Imagine ordering a take away from a restaurant that boasts of serving the finest dishes, hugely recommended by your friend, but only to be turned off by its pathetic customer service which includes delayed delivery and cold food. Today, the social media has given us the platform to bring forward our opinions and the issues we face. People share their experiences in the hope that others are benefitted from it. None of us are too eager to spend our money for a disappointing experience at a restaurant. Value for money has been a basic concept of human pyschology and economics since the dawn of time. Online review sites help us shell out our money on things and places that are worth our money.

However, the question arises if we should trust the online reviews that could be tampered with. 85% of consumers tend to read up to 10 online reviews for businesses before they are satisfied. Whereas, the greater proportion of consumers who read in excess of 20 reviews to get a proper idea. The engagement with review sites is definitely increasing, but does it also indicate trust issues? Do consumers now feel the need to read more positive reviews before trusting a business? It is a proven fact that these reviews should be not only positive, but also recent. Anonymous reviews are best to be avoided and the only the verified reviews are to be taken into consideration by customers.

Not just for customer, online reviews are an integral part of running a business too. Criticisms can be beneficial for the business, if taken in a postive way. Instead of ignoring the negative reviews in the hope that it wouldn’t come into the light, businesses can respond promptly, admit your mistakes and correct the inaccuracies. Constructive criticism, if taken into account can save businesses from shutting down.

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