About Us

We are a bunch of foodaholics, who kept looking for good restaurants, takeaways and our hunt for favourite food and of course tasty food knew no end. However, we thought about the foodies who love food just like us, and how can we actually help them find all these wonderful restaurants and takeaways with complete pieces of information. In other words, various places to order from and different places to eat. Different cuisine, different taste.
While doing our research, we found out that there numerous websites, application in the market who provides these type of services or information. But we found two major and serious issues -
  1. Websites, through which we can place orders, does not provide all the necessary pieces of information about the Restaurant or Takeaway. especially their contact details. but you can place online orders through them and
  2. There are other types of websites, who provides Restaurant’s or Takeaway’s pieces of information, but they do not provide restaurants live Menus. So you either order online without all the details or get all the details but without the proper menu.
We struggled to find restaurants with all the pieces of information and with Proper Online Menu in any online ordering platform other than some individual sites. Menus provided would either a scanned copy or link to the Restaurants website which again most of the time would not have the live menu.** (Live Menu here means where we can see various food items with prices and we will be able to see by adding the items on the cart. This is one of the serious issues we found and started to think is there any way we can provide more information along with living Menu option where the consumer can add food to order online.
Can we be true to our objective and come up with something which can genuinely help others what we were looking for? Is there any website where we can find out about feasts being held, or find out where we can get great food? Or where can we save some penny by searching more? Where can we get better option, more unbiased opinion? And can you genuinely rely on those reviews? After conducting a thorough research, the conclusion was that it’s not an easy task. It will take a lot of effort and enormous time. We struggled a lot but finally, here we are. Yes! we did. It definitely took longer, in fact, much longer than we had expected. Then again, we learnt a lot in the process.
The few key learnings were - You do get help, but you have to ask. People are usually willing to extend help. Food is one common thing across the humankind and although we all have a different food culture, we love to try different cuisines. Information is available on the internet but sometimes its difficult to get hold of the right ones.
Please mail us if you have any advice or suggestions - info@eat2save.co.uk
Note:- in our Restaurants lists you will find some restaurants are not taking an online order. But you can add/remove items and then call the restaurant directly. Soon you will be able to place orders directly through us.